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A laugh is a smile that bursts.
Mary H. Waltdrip

A few years ago I attended a Personal Growth Course run by a local Counselling Organisation. In one of the exercises, we were required to ask three people to describe, to you, how they see you. In all my wisdom, I decided to ask a psychologist I knew for his impressions of me. A far cry from the graceful and serene I have always aspired to be, he described me as energetic, bordering on boisterous! At the time, I remember thinking, what, boisterous like a big dog?

Anyway, so the other morning, when Colt was super-excitedly bouncing around the bathroom, crying and gently nibbling the backs of my knees, urging me to hurry up and walk him, I have to admit, it reminded me, well, of myself! The boisterous bit at least.

Sense of humour is a funny thing, you either share it or you don’t, but if you do, it’s the most wonderful connection to have with another human being. My sense of humour can be a bit quirky and, oh my word, it appears in the most unlikely, and sometimes inappropriate, places. Laughter Yoga workshop? Nothing, not a single laugh. It was excruciating, I felt so self conscious that I could barely raise a smile.

Silent meditation hall? Yep, I have memories of, more than once, stumbling out a silent hall to roar with laughter over some small thing that tickled me no end. Or sitting in a shopping mall with a friend, doubled over, snorting with laughter at nothing but the simple joy of being alive.

According to Gurinder S. Bains, a Ph.D. candidate at Loma Linda University, who co-authored a study on the effects of laughter, there are many benefits to a good belly laugh. These include lowering blood pressure; reducing stress hormones; giving your abs a workout; boosting your immune system and triggering the release of feel good hormones.

So if anyone is in need of some cheering up today, here are links to a few things that have made me laugh out loud. Peter Kay – Misheard Song Lyrics; James Veitch responding to Internet scams; and Nina Conti at the Apollo.

I am going to leave you with my favourite childhood joke. Go up to someone and say to them, “Ask me if I’m an orange.” When the person says, “Are you an orange?” Say no and look at them funny. After doing it a few times, it’s hilarious. Go on, I dare you!

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