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Ag Shame, Man!

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Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.”
Bob Dylan

South Africa has some slang phrases that are utterly superb. Ag, shame is one of them. It’s a term that’s useful in just about every social situation. When in doubt, add  “Shame” and your sentiments will be appreciated!  
A: “This weekend, the public holiday falls on Saturday.”
B: “Ag, shame.”
A: “My dad was in hospital for a check up.”
B: “Ag, shame, man.”

This whole year has been pretty challenging but last week? Well, that was one of one of those ‘Ag Shame’ weeks. In fact the whole of the last month has been pretty trying, I must admit. Some of my to do list included a hospital visit for my father and dealing with the fallout from the combination of Alzheimer’s and anaesthetic. And then there was Frikkie’s knee that was broken in two places when a dog attacked Kevin and the dogs while they were walking.

It turns out there is one thing harder than convincing an Alzhiemer’s patient to keep their arm in a sling for six weeks. Oh my word, keeping a Dapple Daschund with a broken leg still, for three weeks, takes the cake. It was harrowing. His opinion on being confined to a small play pen was, um... loudly voiced. But ag shame man, you should have seen the tiny cast on his little leg! And then there was the recent incident when Colt peed on a pure wool carpet during a week of heavy clouds and rain. The very expensive carpet is washed and currently locked in a room with a heater, it’s survival uncertain.

Suffering. It’s an inescapable fact of life. Some people experience physical pain, some mental and some emotional but somewhere along the line, most of us will experience some form of pain and suffering. Illness, ageing, death and a myriad of others discontents make up a large, and inescapable portion of life.

At the same time, there are successes, joys and extraordinary connections that fill our spirits and make the world a shiny, sparkly place that is a wonder to experience. It can be hard to remember that both these experiences, the good and the bad, ARE life. We live, we love, we lose, we endure. We adapt, we change, we grow.

One thing we can remind ourselves is that beauty and pain are not an either / or. We do not have to choose, sometimes in the midst of our pain, we find true beauty.

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