Sunday, 28 October 2018 20:29

Do Be Do Be Do?

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The moon and the sun learned long ago that, if each patiently waits its turn,
they will both have their chance to shine.

Yo, I’ve been busy. All of a sudden, my ‘already-maxed-out-day’ had to expand to include five weeks of daily cancer treatments for my father. I am of the mindset that if I can just get this final task done, then I’ll rest. Ja, no, well, right. That did not go so well!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, less is more... we all know the drill, but to actually let go of those pesky small things? Not as simple as it sounds. Especially for those of us who are like Avis and try harder!

It turns out, not all ‘make your life easier’ choices are that easy to do. Sometimes the challenges we face diminish us. They drain our energy and exhaust our reserves, especially if it involves pain and suffering of some sort, letting someone down or even having to lower our expectations of how we would like a situation to be. However, these very challenges also create an environment that makes change possible.

Many years ago I attended a talk by a meditation master who spent much of his life travelling the world teaching wonderfully profound, yet extraordinarily simple, everyday wisdom. One particular gem that stuck with me is the way he captured the essence of kindness in small things we can do to make our own lives easier. When you are packing to leave on a trip, his suggestion? Put your pyjamas on top. That way when you arrive, weary from your travels, your pj’s are right where you need them.  

There is something so beautiful about cultivating this attitude of taking care of ourselves. Living with a kind of affectionate consideration transforms us from the inside out. Our reserves, our inherent inner capacity, and the courage to bear our responsibilities begins to grow. In fact, the very difficulties we face become the ground from which strength arises.

It’s also one of those lovely catchy things! Speaking and acting from a foundation of bringing happiness to ourselves has a way of effortlessly expanding out to encompass others. It opens us up and we begin to discover a much vaster way of being.

At the end of the chaos that has been my life over the last few weeks, the ‘do-be’ dynamic is shifting. It’s a work in progress but I’m starting to learn the difference between wishing I had less to do so I could be more relaxed, and being at ease while I do what needs to be done. Semantics, it may seem, but profoundly so!

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