About Soul Sense Life Coaching

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change". Jim Rohn
Coaching is about much more than achieving a goal, it's about changing your life. As anyone who has ever tried will know, changing habits takes work, which is why, at Soul Sense Coaching, we work together over a period of time.

Coaching takes place on Skype or face-to-face, with sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes. The coaching process starts with a free initial consultation to meet each other and ensure we are a good fit and feel confident we'll work well together. Once you decide to go ahead, we structure a coaching package that is most suited to your needs.

The New Insights Coaching Program is designed to guide each client through a unique, personal growth process. The insights into your own life that you gain by working closely with a coach will help motivate you and set you down a path for a happier and more successful you.


Thank you kindly, Tania for all the guidance you provided to my teenage son. In just 4 coaching sessions he has already built up his confidence levels to a point where he is not hesitant to speak up in class, is more interactive in family discussions and is an overall motivated teenager. He seems more positive when taking on a new project from school or just completing a random chore. He gives it his best effort…and that has stemmed from the boost in his confidence levels. I see him often reflecting back on his learnings via his notes and activities that you provided. I would recommend these coaching sessions to any parent looking to enhance the quality of their child’s progression, growth and general well- being as individuals.

I have really found this challenging at times, however I love challenges so it suited my approach / personality 100%. For me it was a good path to realize my purpose. It is a process of self-discovery that brings the reality of being to the surface.

Life coaching with Tania has changed my life completely, I think and do differently and get the results I am looking for. I can now make my own decisions. I have strength, courage, better understanding and self-confidence. Thank you so much Tania and New Insights for making this quote possible! "The day your dreams becomes your goals and your goals becomes your reality; synonymous……….. what an extremely phenomenal feeling……… and this is where I am in my life!"

Tania’s coaching is a revelation of self discovery. The process she follows is logical and simultaneously a huge breakthrough. Taking part in her coaching revealed fears I did not recognize I had and created the means to free myself of my self-imposed blockages and constraints of those fears. Tania’s life coaching has allowed me to become much more than I thought I was capable of.

I would recommend coaching and especially Tania to anybody. Coaching helped me learn to think, not just accept things as they are. The biggest difference it has made to my life is that I have faced my fears and realised it is okay to be me. My oulook on life has changed, I too may live and not allow others to live for me.

If you are stuck in a rut and want a radical change in the right direction then Life Coaching with Tania is the answer. I have learnt to be realistic with my expectations of me and plan a project better with action steps to get to the end result. Tania helped me realise I make it hard for myself to feel good about myself - this was a revelation that I was doing it to myself.

People have noticed the difference in me, the way I carry myself and talk, I am much more open. I have lost weight and gained confidence and my outlook on life has changed especially the belief in myself of what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. Tania listened to me and applied appropriate examples to my situation. She motivated and encouraged me to meet my goals and I looked forward to sessions, especially on a bad day.

About Tania Potter

Tania Potter
I'm a Personal Development Life Coach who specialises in L.I.F.E (Living Into your Fullest Expression). Based in Richards Bay, on the East Coast of South Africa, I live with my long-suffering husband, (his description!), two much-loved dogs and care for my elderly father who has Alzheimer's.

Bachelor of Commerce Degree
Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Learning
New Insights Certified Life Coach
Reflexology Certification
Daily meditation practice

My Background
In my early twenties, while half-way through an Honours degree in Financial Management, I woke up one morning knowing with absolute certainty that I did not want to be a Financial Manager. It was a pivotal moment but unfortunately the part about what I did want to be, wasn't clear. The amazing thing about being in a place of uncertainty and confusion, is that IF (and this is no small task), but if you can get past the initial fear and urge to hang on to the first thing that passes by, you discover a spacious openness, filled with possibilities.

Instead of being quite so certain of things, the curious part of me started to wonder, is this really how it has to be? Is this truly how I want to live? Over time I made some changes. After quitting Financial Management, I started meditating, volunteered at Hospice, became a strict vegetarian, qualified in Reflexology and Aromatherapy and met a fabulous man who I married and am living happily ever after with.

While running training courses for Hospice Caregivers, I discovered a lifelong passion for learning that is still with me today. Human behaviour is fascinating and wanting to know more, I signed up for a Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education. It was an intriguing three years, and studying the ins and outs of adult learning equipped me with a comprehensive set of both teaching and life skills. Shortly after qualifying, I had the good fortune to come across New Insights Life Coaching. I found the platform I was looking for and Soul Sense Coaching was born.

Unfortunately, it was not the end of the fairy tale for me. In my early thirties I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroditis, an auto-immune disease of the thyroid. Autoimmune disease means that cells in your immune system don't recognize, and therefore attack, your own body. It raised the interesting question, why is my body eating itself? I discovered that the ‘healthy choices’ I had been making were the likely cause of my illness. Who knew I was allergic to soya!

It was such a wake up call and not knowing what else to do, I stopped the world and got off! Heading to Scotland, I ensconced myself on a tiny island off the coast of Arran, and spent three months on a meditation retreat. There was no miracle cure. I still have Hashimoto's which I manage homoeopathically, like many women of my age, I struggle to keep my weight stable, get tired and grumpy (occasionally honestly!) and I eventually had to face the anxiety I was going to great lengths to avoid.

Through this personal process of self-discovery, the philosophies and beliefs in which Soul Sense Life Coaching is grounded, developed:
  • Self-awareness is the key to making change possible.
  • Before you can help others, you have to learn to help yourself.
  • Most people are doing their best. We are not broken and we do not need fixing.
  • Small changes have a big impact.
  • We have more choice than we realise.
  • There are reasons we do what we do and uncovering those reasons creates choice.
  • We are our greatest resource, (once we stop being our worst enemy).
  • Living authentically and with congruency, brings meaning to your life.

If you are interested in working with me to bring change to your own life click here.