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Insurmountable Odds!

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Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear
and no concept of the odds against them.
Robert Jarvik

Every girl should have a least one duel fought over her and my turn finally came the other night. Sadly, I slept through the entire saga and had to hear about it from Kevin the next morning. It was, apparently, an epic David and Goliath battle. Here’s what happened.

In one corner, over six feet tall and weighing in at 90kg’s was Kevin. Then there’s Frikkie. Bless him, but this little guy stands at around 20cm’s (I had to stop typing to go and measure him!) and weighs in at just over 5kg’s.

The battle was fought over who got to cuddle the sleeping me. Frikkie won! Kevin had happily curled himself around me until a very indignant Frikkie found himself with only feet to keep him warm. There was no way this was going to work so he climbed on top of Kevin and started digging. He dug between us until he created a big enough gap to fall into... which he promptly did. And went straight to sleep.

Nothing stops this little fella, he’s a dog with a lot to say and even more to give. And guys, today must be your lucky day because you get to hear 'my take' on lessons we can learn from Frikkie, a pint-sized Dapple Dachshund who’s got the world sorted!

Frikkie’s Happy Life Tips:

1) To be a giant, think like a giant.
2) Never be afraid to express yourself fully. Cry if you need to, run in circles when you’re happy and don’t forget to wiggle when you walk.
3) Be creative. There is always a way. You simply have to find it.
4) Make enough noise at a closed door and it will be opened.
5) Never give up. No matter how unlikely the odds, give it your all.
6) Look for opportunities and when you see a gap, take it. Ooo, and if there’s a car with an open door, jump in. Who knows what adventures await!
7) If there’s no gap, make one. Growl if you must.
8) Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Jewels, (or in Frikkie's case, moles) are often hidden in the muck.  
9) Relax into whatever position you find yourself in. Sometimes a new perspective is all you need.
10) Assume you are loved and you will be!

So there you have it. Frikkie’s guide to getting the most out of life. Live and learn!

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